Advanced Oracle BPM 12C

The Oracle BPM Professional subscription gives you access to all the training courses on the site (including any future courses we will release). Beyond the training courses it also gives you access to a continuously expanding stream of videos that can help you expand your knowledge of Oracle BPM and related tools.

The Flex Fields Series

Flex fields (also known as Mapped Attributes) are helpful to be able to display custom fields in the Oracle BPM WorkList and to be able to search for Tasks based on content in elements in the Task payload. In this series we’ll learn about the different types of Flex Fields available in Oracle BPM and how to use them.

The Exception Handling Series

If you are doing a BPM implementation it is critical to understand all the different ways you can handle any exceptions that can happen in your BPM process. This series covers many topics like the default recovery, fault management framework, using a boundary catch, about business and system exceptions, handling exceptions in a event subprocess, peer process, reusable process, using skip and back to enable the token to return to a parent process at a particular point after an error has been caught etc.

The Conversation and Correlation Series

When you implement BPM processes, these processes may have a need to communicate with other BPM processes or services. In this series we’ll cover how to communicate between BPM Processes and external services using the Send and Receive Tasks and Message Throw and Catch Events.

The Process Analytics Series

This series describes how to use and configure BPM Process Analytics to monitor the activity of the processes in your project. BPM Process Analytics measures the key performance indicators in your project and stores them in a database. Process analysts can view the metrics stored in the BAM 12c database using BPM Workspace Dashboards or the Oracle BAM 12c Process Analytics Dashboards in BAM Composer.

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