Simple Introduction to using the Enterprise Manager SOA/BPM Facade API

Overview There may be times when you need to expose just a small section of what is displayed in the Enterprise Manager console for SOA/BPM (EM console). A simple example can be where stakeholders on the systems integration or customer teams want to monitor a dashboard of statistics on how many instances of a composite Read more about Simple Introduction to using the Enterprise Manager SOA/BPM Facade API[…]

SOA Server OutOfMemoryError Issue in JRockit JVM

The Challenge This is a real scenario from one of my clients. I built a killer Oracle BPM / ADF app and deployed to a newly configured SOA server running in JRockit JVM in Linux. I see that the server starting to behave rather slowly after couple of deployments. I check the memory settings, the Read more about SOA Server OutOfMemoryError Issue in JRockit JVM[…]

Web Services Attachment with MTOM

Intro I was preparing for a blog about binary attachment using web services. Just this week, I had to write a client code to help one of my co-workers test uploading binary data via Document Content Web Services for his newly installed I/PM framework. What a coincidence! This post shows how you can upload and Read more about Web Services Attachment with MTOM[…]

ADFC-62004: Scope object serialization failed

I recently had the pleasure of deploying an Oracle BPM application to a brand new staging environment configured for high availability.  The application appeared to run smoothly but for an occasional exception. This stack trace seen in the logs is probably a familiar sight for many: <ADFc-62004> <ADFc:Scope object serialization failed (object not serializable), scope=’pageflowscope[null]’ Read more about ADFC-62004: Scope object serialization failed[…]

How to Unlink a Deployment Plan

I use Deployment Plans all the time to configure deployment descriptors. Recently, I had a need to unlink or disassociate the Deployment Plan from an application, because I wanted to see what the default settings were for some the deployment descriptors. That’s when I discovered that there is no easy or obvious way to do Read more about How to Unlink a Deployment Plan[…]