How to style navigation bar in MAF


Using the navigation bar in Oracle MAF has been a very convenient way to display your features in a MAF application. You enable the navigation bar in the applications maf-application.xml


Adding features to MAF application with navigation enabled shows the feature navigation bar with the feature name and any image that was setup in maf-feature.xml. There is no documentation on how this feature navigation bar can be styled. Debugging using Chrome, no style classes are visible to override the default style.


s of MAF 2.4.1, there is no way to style this navigation bar. I’ve seen a few questions related to this topic on the support forums (post). I also faced this issue in the Fusion Applied Training mobile application where the default navigation bar just does not fit in with the application’s color scheme.

Solution coming soon

Currently this is not possible, because the navigation bar is a native component. An Enhancement Request has been filed as Bug 26249105 “Ability to Style the Navigation Bar” in order to analyze if this can be added to a future MAF version.
Hopefully, the product team will add this to the core framework soon.


View the Knowledgebase article related to this bug: Unable To Style Feature Navigation Bar (Doc ID 2278251.1)