Oracle MAF-MCS Utility Upgrade


The MAF MCS utility was provided by Oracle to help MAF developers simplify their code to access the Oracle Mobile Cloud rest api’s. The utility served its purpose in helping a MAF developer use native java calls to MCS Rest API’s. With the release of MAF 2.4, the MAF product team folded in the A-team’s Mobile Persistence accelerator and provided simpler API for MCS cloud services.

The MAF api does assume certain use scenarios and may not suit all real world use cases. I hit one such use case while building our mobile app for self paced training. I had to use the MAF MCS utility. While upgrading the mobile app to MAF version 2.4, the utility threw a bunch of compile errors as the underlying MAF api had changed. I had to recompile the utility jar with fixes for the new MAF api.

This might help if you are using the utility today and have no immediate plans to move from the utility to native MAF api. With due credit to Oracle and the utility’s original authors, the re-compiled jar can be downloaded here.

Oracle MAF-MCS Utility Upgrade



The original MAF MCS Utility blog can be found here.

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