How to Auto Dismiss an Oracle BPM FYI Task

The  FYI Task in Oracle BPM 12c can be used to notify a task recipient by displaying a task on the  BPM worklist without holding up the business process, it just continues to the next activity in the process flow. But for the task to go away, it has to be specifically dismissed by the task recipient by clicking on the “Dismiss” button under the Actions menu.Dismiss Task

But what if we wanted these tasks to go away automatically or be auto-dismissed by the system? To Demonstrate this we created a simple BPM process that contains an FYI Task and a second task.

The human tasks are assigned to swim lane roles “FYIRole” and “ReviewerRole”. After deploying this BPM process, we startup an instance using the Test feature in Enterprise Manager to invoke the message start.Test WSDL

When we startup the process instance, we can login as a member of the “FYIRole” to see that the task exists in the Swim Lane role inbox.FYI Task in Worklist

The Flow trace of this instance indicates that the FYI task has been completed (as far as the process is concerned).FYI Task Completed

On drilling down into the flow trace for the specific FYI task, you can see that the workflow state is COMPLETED.Workflow State completed

Meanwhile, as expected the process token has moved on to the task after the FYI task.

So imagine the business processes having a lot of instances, there would be a ton of FYI tasks sitting in recipients inboxes that would need to be specifically dismissed. Lets proceed to make the change to auto dismiss all FYI tasks using Enterprise Manager.

On Enterprise Manager right click on SOA-INFRA, then select Administration > System Mbean Browser, then under Application Defined MBeans > “” > Server > WorkflowConfig > human-workflow

Set a duration for the FyiTaskLifeTime using the XMLDuration format, for example we want to set this to 5 minutes using “PT5M”. This will auto-dismiss all FYI tasks within 5 minutes.human-workflow

The only caveat to this setting, its global and applies to all FYI tasks within the SOA-INFRA.

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Hi Vikram,

is that possible in Oracle BPM 11g?

Thanks in advance