Moving Human Workflow Data from a Test to a Production Environment

Flex fields (also known as Mapped Attributes) are helpful to be able to display custom fields in the Oracle BPM WorkList and to be able to search for Tasks based on content in elements in the Task payload. This video is an excerpt from the Flex Field Series from one of our Oracle BPM Training courses.

When you promote your application from one environment to another, for example from ‘Development’ to ‘Test’ or from ‘Test’ to ‘Production’, it can be a lot of work to have to recreate all the flex field mappings and labels manually in each target environment. To make this easier, Oracle provides a Data Migrator ant script to promote Flex Field mappings and labels from one environment to another. Watch the video to see how to use this script.

How to use the Data Migrator


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Oracle SOA Suite Documentation: Using Mapped Attributes
Oracle BPM Documentation: Moving Human Workflow Data from a Test to a Production Environment


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