Announcing Self Paced Online Oracle BPM Training Course: Getting Started With Oracle BPM 12c Composer


We are excited to announce our new self paced online Oracle BPM training course: Getting Started With Oracle BPM 12c Composer.

This is a hands-on Oracle BPM training course designed for Developers and Architects who want to get familiar with Oracle BPM 12c application development using Oracle BPM Composer(12c). This course focuses on how team collaboration happens between analysts modeling the BPM process in Composer and Developers implementing the BPM process in BPM Studio(JDeveloper). Although we walk through everything we do in BPM studio in this course as well, if you are looking for more detail in the BPM Studio parts, we recommend doing the BPM12C101 course before you do this. Some background in programming is expected. This course is a perfect follow-up course to the BPM12C101 course to continue your Oracle BPM education. You can also consider the BPM12c100B course which includes Getting Started with Studio and Composer in one bundle.

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Jaideep has more than 20 years of professional software development experience. He has delivered solutions for several domains including financial services, e-Government, criminal justice, and wireless application services. He is a Certified Scrum Master and has mentored several teams to use agile software development techniques. He has delivered several SOA/BPM solutions based on the BEA/Oracle SOA Suite over the last 6 years . His current focus is on helping customers build solutions using Oracle BPM, Webcenter, ADF and SOA Suite 11g and 12c. Jaideep also trains teams on using Oracle BPM and has developed several self paced online video training courses for Oracle BPM 11g and 12c.

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