Video on Team Collaboration Using Oracle BPM 12c PAM


Oracle BPM 12c PAM

When teams work on an Oracle BPM project, they can use the Process Asset Manager (PAM) to collaborate on the project. Oracle BPM 12c PAM helps Process developers using BPM Studio (JDeveloper) to collaborate with analysts using the Oracle BPM Composer. Team members can ‘publish’ or ‘commit’ BPM artifacts into PAM and ‘check-out’ or ‘update’ BPM artifacts from PAM. The Oracle BPM 12c PAM also supports versioning functionality. It’s basically a subversion repository that is built into the product. It also includes support for Security and Access Control, Conflict Resolution, Diff and Merge, Reporting of business assets in the catalog and their history, and the ability to create project snapsots, so that you can revert back to a stable version of the project.

This is a conceptual video on how team members can collaborate on Oracle BPM projects using the Oracle BPM 12c PAM. It’s an excerpt from one of our self paced Oracle BPM Training courses. You can browse all our Oracle BPM Training courses in our Course Catalog.


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