ADFBC SDO FindCriteria Operators

Searching for data using the ADC BC SDO api is well documented, but very unintuitive to use. Official documentation is very sparse in good examples of using the api for simple use cases. Recently, We had to write a simple query where a column was being checked for null value. Sounds like a very simple use case to code for. So, something like the following was required:

“where doctorsOrders is null”

Translate this to a ViewCriteriaItem in SDO Finders goes something like this

ObjectFactory obj = new ObjectFactory();
ViewCriteriaItem vci = obj.createViewCriteriaItem();
vci.setOperator("iSBLANK"); //For "is not null" ISNOTBLANK
vci.setValue(" ");  Note the space

There is this obsure class called JboCompOper that offers all these constants and can be found at the reference below.
ADF BC JboCompOper Constants