How to resolve : WSM-06102 The policy reference URI “oracle/wss_username_token_client_policy” is not valid

This post details the solution when you get this error when trying to access a Web Service protected by an OWSM policy from an ADF application.

Log into Weblogic Administration console and in Deployments check if the wsm-pm application is Active.


If it’s active, You may just have to change the target servers for the application to include the server the ADF application is running on. You also have to target the mds-owsm datasource to the ADF server.  If you don’t see this  application in the Deployments, it means that OWSM is not installed in this domain. In this case you need to extend the domain to include OWSM.

See How to extend a WebLogic Domain for OWSM

This should be resolved once you extend your domain to include the OWSM applications.