How to extend a WebLogic Domain for OWSM

If an MDS schema has not been generated for the domain you need to do that first. Use the RCU to create the MDS schema first. Select the Metadata Services schema as shown below and follow through the RCU wizard to create the schema.


Run the WebLogic Domain Configuration wizard (<MiddlewareHome>/oracle_common/common/bin/, and select Extend an existing WebLogic Domain. Make sure all the servers in the domain are shutdown when you are doing this.


Select Oracle WSM Policy Manager as the product to be added .


Fill out the MDS datasource connection details as per the MDS schema that was created using the RCU.


Make sure you target the OWSM applications to the server you are accessing OWSM from. For example, if you are accessing OWSM policies from ADF, make sure you include the ADF server as a target for these applications.


Finish the domain configuration and start up all the servers. The OWSM applications should now show up as ‘Active’ in the Deployments section in WebLogic Administration Console.