How to Set Up BAM Adapter

I will be using PS6 ( for this, but I think it should be the same for other recent versions.

I’m assuming you have SOA server and BAM server running.

Login to your WebLogic Admin Server Console, click on ‘deployments’


Locate the OracleBamAdapter Resource Adapter in Deployments


Click on this and then Click on the Configuration Tab and Outbound Pools.


Expand oracle.bam.adapter.adc.RMIConnectionFactory (we will use an RMI Connection in this example, SOAP Connection should be similar) and click on eis/bam/rmi as shown below.


Set the outbound connection properties as shown below, the hostname and instance name will be the same (host name of your BAM server) unless you run the BAM server and the BAM web app on different servers. The UserName field should contain an Oracle BAM user who is a member of application-level role Administrator or Report Architect. ‘weblogic’ user by default is an Administrator. (You may want to see How to Associate Users with BAM Roles)


Save it. You will see a message asking you to save it to a Deployment Plan and once you save that you will see a message saying ‘No restart is necessary’. Although, in my experience, I’ve had to restart servers for it to take effect properly.

That’s it. Your BAM Adapter is now set up!