How to Associate Users with BAM Roles

Login into the EM Console. Click on the oracle-bam application , then click on Application Roles as shown below.


Click on the search button as shown below to display all BAM Roles


Click on the Role you wan to associate with a new user or group. For example, Administrator


Click on ‘Add’ as shown below.


Choose the user or group you want to add to this Role, as shown below and Click on OK.


Click Ok again on the following screen, and it’s done!


Also Note:

When you look at the Role membership in EM for the 4 roles that BAM has, you will see that they are already mapped to groups (BamReportViewers, BamAdministrators, BamReportArchitects, BamReportCreators). These groups have actually not been created in your Authentication Provider yet. So, for example, if you are using the DefaultAuthenticator and you look at your WebLogic embedded ldap groups, you will not find these. You can create them though and add users to these groups and these users will then get the appropriate roles as per the Role->Group mapping as seen in EM.