Query Results in WebCenter Content Presenter

I was trying to display some content from UCM in webcenter to research an issue we are having at our current client. I dropped a content presenter taskflow on a page and decided to display results of a query in that taskflow.
No matter what query conditions I provided, there were no results in the Preview Query Results table. There were no errors in the webcenter space log or or the content server log. The same query works from UCM.

The problem is most likely in the configuration of the Content Server. If you check the config.cfg from the content server, you probably are missing to directives:

Configure Oracle Text Search as described at:
Configuring Oracle Text Search for Oracle Content Server
Working with the Search Index

TLDR; Edit the $DOMAIN_HOME/ucm/cs/config/config.cfg file and add the two following lines:

You can verify the SearchIndexerEngineName being used from:
Look for the SearchIndexerEngineName entry.

Save the file and restart the content server managed server and the WebCenter managed server. Now, login to the UCM server at http:///cs
Go to -> Administration > Admin Applets
-> Repository Manager > Indexer tab – click the Start button

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