How to create a UCM Connection in JDeveloper

This post describes how to create a Content Repository Connection in JDeveloper (

I’m assuming you have the UCM server running.

Open the JDeveloper New Gallery from File->New, and choose ‘Content Repository Connection’

New Gallery

Enter the details of the connection as shown below, where Server Host Name is the hostname where the UCM server is running, and Content Server listen port is the Intradoc Listen port of the UCM Server (4444 is the default).

Make sure you choose Oracle Content Server for Repository type.

Create Content Repository Connection_success


Click on the Test Connection, and you should see a success if your parameters are correct.

You should now see a connection in your Resource Palette. To Explore Content in the server you need to connect to it, so , right click and click on the ‘Refresh’



Enter your Content Server credentials in the dialog that comes up …



You should now see the Content in your Content Server.




Just in case, JDeveloper crashes when you try to explore content in the Content Server, it’s most likely because you have not enabled Folders_g on your Content Server. You can look at this post to see how to enable Folders_g