What does the BPM Human Task Enable Auto Claim Do

The Enable Auto Claim feature on a human task is ‘ON’ by default. Because this is ON by default, I find it easy to forget what it exactly does. I wanted to quickly document what this feature does in this post , so that I don’t forget it myself.

The feature is ‘ON’ by default. This means that a participant (based on the assignment logic like swim lane role, names and expressions etc…) can act on the Task (meaning…submit outcomes for the Task) without having to claim it. On submission, the ‘acquiredBy’ is automatically set to the submitting participant for the purpose of an audit trail.

If you turn it ‘OFF’ , participants will see the Task in their inbox, but they will have to ‘Claim’ it before they can submit any Outcome for that Task.

Can Participants Save the form without ‘Claiming’ it?

Participants can save data to the payload in the same transaction that they use to Claim the task (meaning , they don’t have to Claim the Task first and then fill in data and then Save it…the Claim action will also save the data entered in the form)