How to Unlink a Deployment Plan

I use Deployment Plans all the time to configure deployment descriptors. Recently, I had a need to unlink or disassociate the Deployment Plan from an application, because I wanted to see what the default settings were for some the deployment descriptors. That’s when I discovered that there is no easy or obvious way to do this form the WebLogic Console. If you have run into this situation and want to know how to do this, this post is for you.

For this example, I’m going to use the OracleBPMWorkspace Enterprise Application. I had to create a Deployment Plan to configure the session timeout. Now I want to unlink the plan to see what the default session time out values were.

Log into Enterprise Manager, click on the Application that you want to unset the deployment plan for in the left panel, click on the Application Deployment menu on the right panel and then click on the System MBean Browser option.


Examine the Attributes tab , and you should see a PlanPath attribute. The value of this attribute will point to the existing Deployment Plan, and this is the attribute we need to reset to disassociate the Deployment Plan from the application.


Now, click on the Operations tab and you will see an operation called unSet.


Click on the unSet operation. For propertyName, specify the attribute name that holds the Deployment Plan value, that is , PlanPath.


Now, click on the invoke and then click on Return, the Deployment Plan is now diassociated from the application.