How to enable Folders_g in UCM 11g PS5

If you are trying to create a Connection to UCM in JDeveloper PS5 and you find that JDeveloper crashes when you try to explore content on that connection, it is likely that this is happening because you haven’t enabled Folders_g on your UCM server.

This post describes how you can enable Folders_g in UCM 11g PS5.

Log into UCM (http://<host>:16200/cs)

In the Administration Panel click on the Admin Server link.



Click on the Component Manager link in the left nav, and then check the Folders radio button to filter the components and make sure FrameworkFolders is unchecked. Then click on the Advanced Component Manager link.



If Folders_g is disabled you will see it in the Disabled Components list. Select it and click on the Enable button. You should now see it in the Enabled Components List.