Create a SOA-MDS Connection in Jdeveloper for SqlServer

Creating a SOA-MDS connection in Jdeveloper is a fairly straight forward affair. You create a new database connection in Jdeveloper resource palette to the MDS repository using the correct user.

JDev DB Connection

Next, create a new SOA-MDS connection in resource palette. Select Connection Type :-> DB Based MDS. Choose the previously create database connection to the MDS repository. Next, select the MDS partition.

JDev SOA-MDS Connection

Wait. No partitions are being displayed. Jdeveloper bug?

I remember while creating weblogic data source  for the application database, I’ve selected a sql server driver from weblogic instead of adding the microsoft provided one to the classpath. Lets try using this driver to setup a database connection in Jdeveloper.

Create a new library in Jdeveloper for the WebLogic SqlServer driver. The weblogic sqlserver driver is located at /wlserver10.3/server/lib/wlsqlserver.jar.  Make sure you enter the driver class as:

Delete the previously created MDS repository connection. Create a new one using the weblogic driver library. Now try creating the SOA MDS connection

JDev SOA-MDS Connection
Voila !